An Islamic Sacred Site and Epitaphs in the Southern Urals

This image database offers pictures of headstones and epitaphs in the “Ak-zirat” cemetery, containing the mausoleum of Huseyn-Bek, and located in the raion of Chishmy, which lies about 55 km west of the city of Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia. It contains pictures taken during a preliminary research visit on September 7, 2019 as well as pictures of the epitaphs photographed on the following day, September 8. Participants in the exploration on September 7-8, 2019 were IMAMATSU Yasushi, ISOGAI Masumi, Marsil N. FARKHSHATOV, Ramil M. BULGAKOV, and Evgenii V. RUSLANOV. Tatʹiana K. SURINA, a scientific photographer, photographed the epitaphs.

Tohoku University Department of Archaeology Digital Archive

This digital archive is developed to extend the accessibility to archaeological remains collected by the Tohoku University Archaeology Laboratory, as well as records obtained mainly during excavations.

Visual Database for Southeast China Areal Studies

This is a visual database of ethnographic data on the social and cultural custom of Chinese in southeast coastal regions including Hong Kong and mainland provinces such as Guangdong, Hainan, and Fujian, which was observed mainly in the 1980s to the early 2000s. All data were collected by Masahisa Segawa thorough his anthropological fieldwork in this area. It comprises three parts: (1) Photographic data on the rituals, daily custom, hamlets, architectures and living tools, as well as the landscapes surrounding them. (2) Total or partial copy of genealogical books compiled and reserved by local lineages in Hong Kong and Southeastern China. (3) Copy of 1:1000 Village maps edited by Hong Kong colonial government in 1980s. It contains many images of the ancestor worship rituals, seasonal ceremonies, and other customary activities of Han Chinese and other ethnic minorities in this area in the late 20th and the early 21st century and also contains the genealogical information of local lineages in the area. Due to the inclusion of personal information, this collection is not publicly accessible. If necessary for academic research, you can apply for access and if permission is granted, you will be able to view it within the Center for North Asian Studies, Tohoku University (though the scheme is currently under development).

Kitake Monjo

Since 2020, the Uehiro Research Division of Historical Materials Study of the Center for Northeast Asian Studies at Tohoku University has been investigating 482 historical documents belonging to the Kita family, a feudal retainer of the Sendai Domain during the Edo period. The project was conducted with the approval of Miyagi Prefecture’s Kami Town Board of Education, which possesses the documents.

Tundra Nenets in Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District: Their Lifestyle and Subsistence Activity

This collection is the image materials of the traditional culture of Nenets, an indigenous people for the exhibition which was held in 2020 by the invitation of the administration of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug of the Russian Federation. The photos were taken as part of a cultural anthropology survey conducted by Professor Atsushi Yoshida of Chiba University from 1995 to 2016.

Archive on the 2012 Photo Exhibition of Siberian Ethnography in Siberia

Social anthropologist Hiroki Takakura organized the photo exhibition in Sakkyryr village, Eveno-Bytantaiskii Ulus, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russian Federation during March 22-24, 2012. The photographs were taken by him conducting anthropological fieldwork at the Verkhoyansky region in Siberia during 1994-1996. This archive shows various aspects of the traditional livelihood of the indigenous Eveny people with the beautiful landscape of Verkhoyansky regions. There are two values in this archive: the first is on the historic-ethnographical record of the culture of Eveny people after the dissolution of socialist regime; and the second is on the material suggesting a way of collaboration between scientists and the targeted people for the research.

Image Database of Texts and Pictures on East Asian Publication Culture

The publication culture such as classic books and literature is one of the important keys for approaching East Asian cultural history and the historiography.This database selects the most rare materials from various sources such as classic books published during the Song, Yuan, and Ming dynasties picture, materials drawn during the Ming and Qing dynasties, Qing dynasty court drama literature, Qing dynasty oral literature collection, and the related European early modern documents to provide the original images through the website. The purpose is to strengthen the foundation of the studies for East Asian publication culture. The organizer is Akira Isobe, philologist (Chinese literature), professor emeritus.






















































Headstone no. 1 (1)

Headstone no. 2 (1)

Headstone no. 3 (1)

Headstone no. 4 (1)

Headstone no. 5 (1)

Headstone no. 6 (1)

Huseyn Bek Mausoleum 02

Tura Khan Mausoleum 01


A trip to return fieldwork photographs to reindeer nomads

Саккырырскый оленеводы в фотографиях японских ученых

Thousands of reindeer

Grazing the spring grass

Mother and child

Antler, Antler and Antler!

Golden antler

Even small tent has a stove inside

Traditional form of tent

Tent and reindeer

A distant view of camp

Small Pavel near the Stove

Two tents and reindeer

Start of moving

On the way to new camp

the posts of tents

A first step of tent buidging

A storage in the pasture

When the people cross a mountain

Good taste of soft antler

Milking reindeer

tool of connectio of milking reindeer

How to cook the soft antler

Cutting the soft antler

A scene in a morning


Alvina and reindeer

reindeer meat on the sledge

smoked meat

herders control the reindee rmovement

in the corrral

Catch the deer

haze and reindeer

haze and herders

Herder follow the animal

Improving of fishing net

big horn!

Cutting the ear mark of child reindeer

Different shape accroding to owner

Registration of the number of new born reindeer

Alena na reindeer

Pliant body of Pavel

Inside the saddle

Aleksei completed the saddle

Riding reindeer with the saddle

sledge for cargo

bending the board for makiing ski

one pair of ski for sledge

replacing the new ski for the sledge

Two men works and one boy sits on the sledge

tie uo the rope

the finishing

Making a lasso

A work to lasso by knife

Vova checks the lasso

A herder uses the lasso

Stone tool

A set of tools for hide-fur processing

Separation of the remained meat from the hide

A smoking for hide

A couple works together

Separation of the remained meat from the hide

the leather is tanned

a dye work

herders in the rest

Aleksei and Egorka - brothers

Constantin Golokhov

Lenin State Farm

Veteran herder, Mr V.A. Popov

Japanese herder?

Two girls in Egekii camp

Children in the village

Policemen in the village

House of Culture

Two old men in conversation

A great horse herder, Sergei Lukin

Herders in work

Airport building

Herders in the corral

A herders searching the reindeer

A herders searching the reindeer

in the corral

A distant view of the village

Faina Innokentivna

Four men hunters

A converstaion

Making the saddle filling with the reindeer hairs

sledge for human

preparationof the ski parts of sledge

Reindeer sledge and a female coachman

Nomadic tent and children with researcher

Spining tendon for sawing

Commemorative photo in front of the tent

Polar fox fur processing

Woman and her son

Man with a pike

Women inside the tent

Family in front of their tent

Children at the table during dinner

Infant in a turmoil with his mother

A girl with dogs

Brake hour after dinner

A girl in a reindeer herd in the camp

Conmemorative picture in front of the tent

Conmemorative picture in front of the tent with reindeer

Reading time

Woman and reindeer

Young girl leaning on the tent and reindeer

Together with Ngavka - an orphan deer



Capture of a reindeer for slaughter

Young boy on the reindeer sledge

Slaughter of reindeer

Collecting firewood in the Gydan tundra

Eating raw meet at the slaughtered reindeer

Eating raw meet at the slaughtered reindeer

Eating raw meet at the slaughtered reindeer

Eating raw meet at the slaughtered reindeer

Eating raw meet at the slaughtered reindeer

Collecting eggs of goose and ptarmigan

Father and sons

Old woman and her grandchildren

Children in a camp

Tent and women; on the top of pole - wooden duck

Family in front of their tent

Catched burbot and father and son

Return from collecting firewood

Commemorative photo with family

Nenets shows bear skins

Head of Administration of Gyda settlement (A.V. Salinder)

Commemorative photo with family

A woman is preparing dry fish from whitefish

Young couple, reindeer blood in a bowl

Young wife mixes pancake dough

A man knitting a lasso for catching reindeer

Family by stove

Children and dogs

Melting the snow for a drink

Children and their toys

Polar fox fur for sale

Old Nenets and his sledge

Yar Meke sings lahanako - a fairy tale

Father and sons

Commemorative photo with family

Nenets young woman showing hair ornaments

Nenets slaughters a deer

Nenets man knits a lasso

With reindeer

Commemorative photo with family

Nenets women with Nyntarma - idol of ancestors

Nenets elder with Nyntarms - the idols of their ancestors

Nenets women with Nyntarms - the idols of their ancestors

Girl with a small sled for idols

Woman powdering tobacco for chewing tobacco

Women at campsite

Commemorative photo in the tent

Nenets who came to Tanama Factory for shopping

A family visiting factory on the Tanama river

A family on the table

A girl coocking reindeer meat

A man inside tent

Children in the tent

Spouses and her daughter in a cradle

Mother and son with an idle-ngyntarma

Collecting firewood in the Gydan tundra

Nomadic tent in the Gydan tundra

A young man with whitefish

Winter camp in Gydan tundra

Caravan in tundra

Neighbors in tundra

A woman with reindeer sinews for sewing

Underice fishing on a lake

Capture of a reindeer in reindeer flock

Rest at a sacred place-khibide ya

Young man at his beloved deer①

Young man at his beloved deer②

Stopping in the tundra - moving by argish - caravan

Eating raw meat of reindeer in winter

Woman with slaughtered reindeer head

Woman with rectum of slaughtered reindeer

Neighbors in tundra

A woman handling frozen whitefish

A family and a dog

With a family of tundre residents

Remove the brain from the head of a slaughtered reindeer

Newborn puppies

Commemorative photo in front of the tent

Stopping on the roads

Commemorative photo with the owner of the tent at supper time

Commemorative photo with the woman, who's going to leave.

Spouse with dogs

Memorable photo with the head of a slaughtered deer

Girl with dogs in the tent

Young man sings Lakhanko-fairy tale

Avka-deer-orphan enters the tent for a piece of pancake

Men with reindeer fur with caterpillar larvae

Woman holding tundra partridges caught with a shotgun

A man and a reindeer sled in the camp

Reindeer collected by herders and dogs

Reindeer collected by herders and dogs

Reindeer grazing near the campsite

A group of deer returns to campsite

Mother and newborn calf reindeer in campsite

Going on the reindeer sledge

Caravan in tundra

Stopping in the tundra - moving by argish - caravan

Women in best pani-woman's overcoat

Tundra residents in Gyda village

R.Kh.Yando in front of the village administration

Memorial snap in a nomadic camp

Young spouses in their tent

Nenets young woman with a pike for selling at Salekhard market

A family- in the housewife's hands are hunted tundra ptarmigan

At Tanamo factory

Head of Administration of Gyda village (I.P.Yar )

At Tanamo factory

A girl and reindeer

R.Kh.Yando in the village administration of Gyda

R.Kh.Yando in the village administration of Gyda

Guest to the village administration of Gyda


The brother and the syster

At the Gyda village

The brother and the syster at Tanamo factory

Children at a campsite in a tundra

Children at the campsite and dog sledge in tundra

Tundra family

Elder chanting Lakhanako

Tundra family

Girl with a branch of flowers

Nenets Tundra people with a child with a fever run up to the helicopter of the ambulance

Anthrax vaccination by veternaries in tundra

Reindeer herd in corral at a nomadic camp

Nenets in the management of a reindeer sled

Reindeer herd in a nomadic camp

Nenets herder in reindeer herd

Summer camp and reinbow

Spouse in nomadic tent

Returning herder to the camp

Beginning of camp moving

Nenets herder in reindeer herd

Woman prepares a pancake in oil on the hearth in the tent

Rest time after supper

Grazing reindeer

A campsite where the sun shined for a moment

Caravan in tundra

Woman musher on a sled

The elder man run the sledge

Father and son leading the caravan

Father and son leading the caravan

The elder leading the caravan

The elder leading the caravan

A boy in the caravan

Lunti - time to relax

Raw meat eating outside

Children's raw meat eating and drinking vodka in turn

The new campsite

Boiling water the furnace

Mother and young deer in the tundra

Stopping in the tundra - moving by argish - caravan

Forest Nenets man with reindeer for sled

Forest Nenets' mother and her son with reindeer

Forest Nenets' nomadic camp

Forest Nenets' women at a day of reindeer herders

Forest Nenets' women at a day of reindeer herders

Photo Exhibition in Novy Urengoy "Ethnic Culture of Yamal for Elementary Schools and Kindergartens"

Photo Exhibition in Novy Urengoy "Ethnic Culture of Yamal for Elementary Schools and Kindergartens"