“Archive on the 2012 Photo Exhibition of Siberian Ethnography in Siberia” and “Image Database of Texts and Pictures on East Asian Publication Culture” have published.

Archive on the 2012 Photo Exhibition of Siberian Ethnography in Siberia

Social anthropologist Hiroki Takakura organized the photo exhibition in Sakkyryr village, Eveno-Bytantaiskii Ulus, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russian Federation during March 22-24, 2012. The photographs were taken by him conducting anthropological fieldwork at the Verkhoyansky region in Siberia during 1994-1996. This archive shows various aspects of the traditional livelihood of the indigenous Eveny people with the beautiful landscape of Verkhoyansky regions. There are two values in this archive: the first is on the historic-ethnographical record of the culture of Eveny people after the dissolution of socialist regime; and the second is on the material suggesting a way of collaboration between scientists and the targeted people for the research.


Image Datebase of Texts and Pictures on East Asian Publication Culture

The publication culture such as classic books and literature is one of the important keys for approaching East Asian cultural history and the historiography.This database selects the most rare materials from various sources such as classic books published during the Song, Yuan, and Ming dynasties picture, materials drawn during the Ming and Qing dynasties, Qing dynasty court drama literature, Qing dynasty oral literature collection, and the related European early modern documents to provide the original images through the website. The purpose is to strengthen the foundation of the studies for East Asian publication culture. The organizer is Akira Isobe, philologist (Chinese literature), professor emeritus.