Archive on the 2012 Photo Exhibition of Siberian Ethnography in Siberia

Social anthropologist Hiroki Takakura organized the photo exhibition in Sakkyryr village, Eveno-Bytantaiskii Ulus, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russian Federation during March 22-24, 2012. The photographs were taken by him conducting anthropological fieldwork at the Verkhoyansky region in Siberia during 1994-1996. This archive contains the exhibited photos and the related film.

The number of photos is 93 sheets which shows various aspects of the traditional livelihood of the indigenous Eveny people with the beautiful landscape of Verkhoyansky regions. The content of the film is on the making exhibition and revisit to nomadic camp for the first times in 15 years (13mins) with Japanese, English, Russian versions.

There are two values in this archive: the first is on the historic-ethnographical record of the culture of Eveny people after the dissolution of socialist regime; and theあ second is on the material suggesting a way of collaboration between scientists and the targeted people for the research.

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