Tohoku University Department of Archaeology Digital Archive

The Tohoku University Archaeology Laboratory was established in 1957 in the Faculty of Arts and Letters of Tohoku University, and has engaged in a wide range of activities including excavation of archaeological sites mainly around the Tohoku region, research, and education, as well as exhibition. Several hundreds of thousands of archaeological remains have been accumulated during these activities, with a large number of records valuable for the history of Japanese archaeology and Tohoku University. Although the collection has been often used for temporal exhibitions, it has not been fully accessible to the public. This digital archive is developed to extend the accessibility to archaeological remains collected by the Tohoku University Archaeology Laboratory, as well as records obtained mainly during excavations.
This collection is developed in collaboration with Mr. Eon-Jung Kim and Professor Yoshitaka Kanomata. This project was supported by the joint project of the Center for Northeast Asian Studies "The Development of a Digital Archive of Excavation Reports from the Tohoku University Archaeology Laboratory.